Designing for School Security

With school shootings as an unfortunate reality of modern times it is imperative to protect some of the most vulnerable and valued members of our communities. Although there are is no singular foolproof solution, KeepSafe laminated security glass is an indispensable preventive measure that schools can employ to deter assailants and mitigate attacks. In a well-designed school, KeepSafe Glass used in ground floor entryways like windows and doors is highly effective in stopping or delaying an aggressor from gaining access into the building.
Despite being the weakest structural link, architects are designing schools with more and more glass due to the psychological benefits of an open and naturally well-lit learning environment. The desire for an open, sunlit, glass-clad school comes face to face with the need to assure that schools provide students, teachers, and staff with optimal safety and security. In addition to proven safety and security capabilities, KeepSafe Glass provides other important benefits to educational facilities like sound control and filtering +99% of harmful UV rays.