Designing for General Security

Products constructed from laminated glass are referred to as security glazing and are designed to with stand the complex dynamic structural loads resulting from intentional impact or assault. Since burglaries, forced entries or ballistic attacks are often targeted toward the easiest opportunity and lowest perceived risk, the presence of laminated security glazing made with KeepSafe Glass may be enough to thwart an attack.
KeepSafe laminated glass provides a significant improvement over monolithic glass products in resistance to forced entry and is capable of passing Underwriters Laboratory Burglary Resistance Test UL 972, ASTM F1233 Standard Test Method for Security Glazing Materials and Systems and EU norms. security design generally falls into three broad categories: burglary & forced entry, bomb blast, and ballistics.

Burglary and forced entry and forced exit resistance
KeepSafe Laminated Glass - Forced Entry Performance of Laminated Security GlazingIn designing to resist burglary or forced entry, the entire glazing system – not just the glass panel – must be designed to withstand an attack. In institutional settings, laminated glass can provide the needed time delay to allow added security or authorized personnel to arrive on scene and adequately address a situation without creating potential danger for occupants.
Generally, security products with the greatest overall thickness and the largest percentage of protective PVB interlayers deliver the best resistance to forced entry as required by the American Society for Testing and Materials class rating ASTM F1233 Class I, II and III.
Bomb Blast
According to experts, approximately 75 percent of all damage and injury from bomb blasts results from flying and falling glass following an explosion. Unlike ordinary windows and doors that can shatter into lethal shards of windborne broken glass, KeepSafe may be broken, but remains intact after impact. The tough plastic interlayer holds the broken pieces firmly in place, continuing to safeguard the building. Keepsafe laminated security glass thereby substantially reduces injury due to breakage and fallout and decreases the extent of damage.
Constructed in multiple alternating layers of glass and interlayers, KeepSafe laminated glass has been shown to withstand penetration by high-velocity bullets and reduce injuries from ballistic attacks and all of this without compromising the clear vision benefits of a glass system.