Designing for Safety

The primary goal of safety glazing is to protect people from accidental glass impact, breakage or
fallout. When broken, ordinary glass windows can cause serious injury. Laminated glass, however, can both prevent bodily injury and protect the building envelope. Safety glazing incorporating Saflex protective interlayers in a properly designed and installed system reduces the risk of injury from broken glass. Upon impact, the glass firmly bonds to the interlayer and remains in place, providing protection from dangerous flying or falling glass fragments.
Laminated glass made with Saflex interlayers is an ideal choice for applications where safety glass is required including curtain walls, overhead glazing, windows and doors, skylights, shower enclosures, railings and more.
Meeting safety codes and standards.
Laminated glass made with Saflex protective interlayers effectively meets all established North American building code requirements for safety glazing. Performance requirements are determined by the particular application and the glazing area:

> CPSC 16FR 1201 Category I Performance
> CPSC 16FR 1201 Category II Performance criteria
> Underwriters Laboratories’ UL972 Standard for Security Glazing
> Class 1 of the ASTM International’s F1233 Security Glazing Test Standard.