Designing for Hurricanes

Wind Speeds - ASTM Impact StandardsHurricane and storm protection. The severe and complex nature of hurricane winds creates  special challenges for buildings. When wind-borne debris breaks glass windows and doors, the building’s protective exterior “envelope” is compromised, allowing strong winds to rush into the structure. These trapped wind forces then exert upward pressure on the roof and outward pressure on exterior walls, and can eventually cause total destruction.
While no single product offers complete protection from hurricanes, typhoons and violent storms, laminated glazing using Saflex protective interlayers can be a critical first line of defense. In properly designed systems, laminated glass effectively withstands these forces to help maintain the critical exterior envelope. If broken by impact from wind-borne debris, the glass fragments bond firmly to the protective interlayer, continuing to safeguard building occupants and contents.
Extreme Wind & Impact - Glass ConstructionsProperly designed window and door systems manufactured with laminated glass have proven successful in meeting major building codes and test standards such as the Florida Building Code, including the High Velocity Wind Zone (Dade County), International Building Code, American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and Texas Department of Insurance. While certain other protection methods such as storm shutters also meet many standards, laminated glass using Saflex protective interlayers offers continuous passive protection to a building’s structure, contents and inhabitants without the need for storing and properly installing unwieldy shutters or storm screens.