Explore the high performance benefits of laminated glass

Whether protecting people and property from Mother Nature or from man made threats, KeepSafe® Glass: featuring Saflex® interlayer technology brings strength and security to laminated glazing applications.

In safety applications, KeepSafe Glass protects people from accidental glass impact, breakage or fallout. It also provides around the clock protection from windborne debris in areas prone to hurricane and other natural disasters. Laminated glass is also highly resistant to the dynamic racking motions of an earthquake helping to maintain the integrity of the building envelope and prevent injury and damage from glass fallout.

For security applications, KeepSafe Glass can provide significant protection over monolithic glass products in resisting man made threats like forced entry, blast, and ballistic applications. KeepSafe Laminated Glass also provides additional benefits to window systems including sound control and reducing harmful UV rays by 99%.